Inner Collective.  Really the only thing that makes sense is to strive for greater collective enlightenment   ~Elon Musk~ 

Alino Barbosa, mastermind.

Alino Barbosa moved to Los Angeles at 15 years old and learned how to be a young entrepreneur.   At the young age of 23 He started hi first clothing business Elohssa Cycling Co.   After a few years of honing his skills at screen printing and vinyl decal cutting he opened his second business Sticky Image Printing. His personal view on life is simple  "I love peanut butter and jelly sandwiches. I don't listed to the radio, that stuff will kill you.  I have always been intrigued by creating something and watching it grow."


Currently in charge of all aspects creative about elohssa and Sticky Image, but there are a lot of people involved.  I handle all shipping orders from the website, all customer service question and social media inquiries.  We design, produce, and distribute most of our products ourselves.  The other we source from right here in California to help us out.  we take pride in what we create.  

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Jake Bosshart.   Th30ry  

Jake aka Th30ry originally from Colorado the Republic of Boulder Learned to Dj in highschool after seeing Ritchie Hawtin at an underground party in late 1999.  After studying audio engineering and sound Dynamics at the Conservatory of Recording Arts and Sciences he moved to Los Angeles in 2010.  After moving to Los Angeles Jake worked as a Mechanical Bull operator, Dj, Server, and eventually a Stage manager and Sound Engineer at Exchange LA.  After leaving Exchange LA and Night club electronic music Th30ry began to produce Practice Makes Perfect with His friend and Roommate Jordan Stevenson aka Thesis.  Thesis and Th30ry can be found making music and fun and good vibes any where they go  

Jake also works a Day Job doing weird things for weird Tv shows Art Department 44    

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Jordan Stevenson, lyricist, Music producer.


Jordan aka Thesis is a 28 year old From Stockton Ca, and an all around goofball. He moved from his home town in Northern California to Los Angeles to get his degree in Music Production and Engineering to further his dream of creating music. He is quite musical in his talents as he has played violin for 20 years and has since taught himself how to play many other instruments for his compositions. Since moving to Southern Cali he has Produced and released his debut album "Practice Makes Perfect" and is now working on his next album as well as touring around the west coast with his DJ and good friend Th30ry. The two met years ago and have since combined forces to create a unique experience for a variety of music lovers.  You can catch Thesis currently bartending a few days a week and using his off time to create music and occasionally go hit the golf course!