The perfect team — Without the support team of .elohssa Cycling, the world will stop spinning. 

Alino Barbosa, Owner.

Alino  Barbosa. 26 years old. introduced to fixed year in 2008. Started off hitting BMX  dirt jumps. Little bit of flat Land.  been riding fixed for about 4 years now. started elohssa Cycling Crew About 6 months after. I love peanut butter and jelly sandwiches. I dont listed to the radio, that stuff will kill you.  I have always been intrigued by creating something and watching it grow.


Currently in charge of all aspects creative about elohssa, but there are a lot of people involved.  I handle all shipping orders from the website, all customer service question and social media inquiries.  We design, produce, and distribute most of our products ourselves.  The other we source from right here in california to help us out.  we take pride in that.

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Jake Bosshart.   Decathlon  

I like to think I am life of the party.  Responsible for naming our collective.Not the one to care of your thought about me.. Undercover genius and calling me a handy man just doesn't do me justice. I will let you make your own mistakes unless i know it could kill you.  Background in construction and went to school to be a sound engineer.   I love to build things and make lots of noise so I  am normally in charge of the building displays  or setting up wires and speakers and mixers for events or races we host.  I also ride a Felt Tk3


Jordan Stevenson, Music producer.


26 years old. From Stockton Ca. All around goofball.  Met Alino on a group ride in north hollywood and became friends ever since. I focus on my solo career. I Graduated from the hollywood school of music. Now i'm on a mission to get my music heard so other can enjoy it as I do.  I know how to play the guitar, violin, piano, the list goes on..  I also know how to read Music . I produce and write my everything I do myself. Aside from peddling with elohssa and friends. I help them create unique music to integrate with the videos they release or any content that calls for it.   

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