Pedal fest Summer Session 2014 Recap.

    Another Pedal fest In the books. With the same concept as the first Pedal fest. It started of with @DJACHEHZ Spinning  some music while we finished up the registration for the checkpoint race.  A heavy race that was 34.9 Miles round trip. Most of the race stretching from The Hollywood Bowl Overlook  to the Sepulveda tunnel. Lots of climbing and even more people who didn't complete the race.  Big ups to Team Sabertooth Rider DEG for taking 2nd   and teammate Jacob for taking 1st place. Eric Martin from team .elohssa//Pure Fix   took 3rd place. 


After the riders were able to take a breather . We kicked it off with a couple of track stand competitions and foot downs cuz we know the fixie foos love it.  Brandon "BOX OF BEATS" hit stage right after with a mind blowing performance.  All he needs is a loop pad and  mic and he will entertain the crowd for hours . Creating songs we all love just by using his voice. He definitely had the attention of the crowd.   Thesis And Eric Payton followed up with an all live performance.  Back up singers, piano, drummer and guitar player.  The whole 9. Felt like we were at the house of blues for a second.

We also had special guest performance by Blockboi fame and Fixie Hendricks . of Course your Know They Killed It! 

The guys over at pbr sent over a bunch of beer for after the race.  @slvrlyt @roadrunnerbags @dirtcobain @trafik_la @blocboifame @kushtownsociety @sarahkflora @themuddyeight and @djachehz @_stickyimage were all hanging out, so it was never a dull moment. We had three Girls and three Guys take home a boat load of prizes, Including the  New Un_released Pure Fix track Duochrome Frame for the 1st place.  Hope you Guys Dont Miss the next one. See you next year.. 

1st Place @intendtooffend

2nd Place  @degunlimited

3rd Place @el_kelone94

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