Wolfpack Hustle Shortline Crit


The Long Beach Shortline Crit is one of the 4 races that Wolfpack is hosting this year as part of The Unified Title Series.

The Shortline Crit was a great comeback for WP as the first race in the series, The Marathon Crash Race, was forced to be canceled by the City of Los Angeles. The city of Long Beach was nice enough to have Bike Fest this weekend and let WP have the criterium on a closed course. 

A hot day in Long Beach, blood and sweat everywhere as all racers do their qualifying races, which consisted of them doing some laps around the course to get their fastest lap time. There were a few crashes during these qualifiers. The competition was heavy as expected with The Wolfpack A Team, State Bicycle Co., and Leader Bikes teams who are all experienced in these types of races. 

As to the Final race everyone gave it all they had. 24 laps around the course 12 miles. Roadblock managed to throw in money to whoever could be the first one around the first lap which got the hustle going with people averaging  roughly 30 second laps. Everyone gave it their best with keeping up and pushing against the wind. 

The Final Results

Women’s Road

First Jo Celso 27:19.90

Second Nissy Cobb 28:16.55

Third Asia Morris 29:05.27

Men’s Road

First Brian Forbes 23:46.11 Second Craig Streit 23:48.73 Third Lucas Binder 23:48.89 Prime Luke Ollett 58.67

Women’s Track

First Jo Celso 27:19.45

Second Nissy Cobb - 27:59.73

Third Kelli Samuelson 28:01.61

Prime Nissy Cobb 1:06.92

Men’s Track

First Lucas Binder 23:23.97

Second Scott Piercefield 23:24.98

Third Neu York 23:25.32

Prime Willo Juarez 55.35 


-Hope all is well with Craig Streit who crashed passing the finish line.