L.A Culture Collide

LA Culture Collide .

This event was intended to re- introduce the cycling community back to this area. Surrounded by Los Angeles Community Collage and multiple different shops including orange 20 bike shop and The Helio Cafe. 

Helio Cafe

The  festivities started off with the feeder ride coming out from the  north Hollywood metro station. Was about a 10-15 mile ride. Chill pace lead by .elohssa Flight Crew. Thanks to oscar and Abraham for leading the the ride.  30 riders showed up and all 30 riders made it to the event . Getting out of the valley via cahuenga is not the easiest was out to L.A but we made sure there was no rider left behind. The down hill is alway worth it. 

La Culture Collide ride
LA Culture Collide ride1

When we arrived. The vendors where all in place, bike parking was all set up and people started to arrive. Now it was time to get drunk off coffee provided by Helio cafe and win some custom bike frames from throne cycles.  They had some of the guys from seventh letter do custom paint job on all the frames and they look sick! 

While we waited to see who the lucky winners were. We passed the time and hosted a couple track stand competitions just for the hell of it.  Foot down competitions got serious real quick. So we had couple rematches. Also a real quick A to B race. Props to Raul Rodriguez for taking that. #zeromiedo#teamwillo

Everyone had a great time.  Saw a lot of great art and photography. 4 lucky winners went home with some custom frames. Had a lot of fun getting some pics and meeting some new peeps.  Till the next event y'all.