3 days in New York.


Red hook Criterium 2014.

Red hook Criterium 2014.

 We have  been working on forming a strong race team to represent .elohssa cycling.  Took us a while to find a very dictated select few  riders from all over the Los Angeles area to join the squad . It was a year in the making but we are happy with the way we turned out. 

At the end of December 2013, the first batch of .elohssa flight crew cycling kits were finally in. It was time to put in some work and thats what we did.   We Continued our vigorous training schedule that was mandatory in order to be part of the team.  The training was definitely paying off.  We had to be serious in order for us to be successful.

Shortly after elohssa hosted one of the biggest cycling events of the year called "Pedal Fest 2014" with over 80 racers for checkpoint race and about the same for the gold sprints and over 300 people in total including spectators and fans of the musical artist.  .elohssa flight crew took 1st 2nd and 3rd place.. They finished the 22 miles race in about 35 mins, Pretty impressive.  Between Getting our kits, hosting such a great event and signing a contract with pure fix as the 2014 race season. It was a awesome way to start of 2014. 

Among the spectators  were the guys from pure fix cycles. We had  the pleasure of meeting and speaking to Nick. He expressed that Pure Fix was looking to start a pure fix track team. We were very excited to hear that because we were in search of a sponsor.  The way we came together was perfect. Once we signed the contract. It was time to win some races.  When we found out that the wolfpack hustle marathon crash race was cancelled, we were all bummed. We wanted to show our new sponsor that the .elohssa has been training hard and wanted to bring home the dog tags. 

Pure fix did give us another opportunity to show them all the work we have been putting wasn't for nothing.  They sent out our guys from the new pure fix/ .elohssa team to New York City for Red hook Criterium . We spend. 3 days and 4 nights in Brooklyn and boy was it a change of pace compared to Los Angeles Streets. Ny Streets were very tight compared to the 3 lane streets we have here in LA. The potholes take over the streets giving you an extra obstacle to look out for. The drivers are in such a rush to go nowhere, Looking out for cyclist on the street is the least of their worries.  The temperature was cold but not cold  enough not to ride. But out of the 100 mile loop around New York.  we definitely had fun and would do it again in a heart beat.

Thanks to Pure fix fix for making this a reality.  We Appreciate everything.

Thanks to Erving over @fixmylifenyc for showing us around NY and helping us feel at home on our Visit. We will meet again irving,

Thanks to nbkc (north brooklyn cycles) For all the love and helping us get our bikes back to L.A