Knowledge of Euro Asia imports.

 On our most recent trip to Las Vegas for the biggest bicycle trade show in the U.S.    Interbike 2015.  We had an awesome opportunity to meet and mingle with lots of folks from our interactions on social media, friends and fellow cyclist from our home town and also meet lots of creaters and designers of the products we love and use everyday.   One of those people being Bob Hansing. ( he never mentioned it but I think he is BoB Hansing the 2nd ) Owner of euro Asia imports.  Although euro Asia imports is still up and running, he is now retired.   


In the small amount of time we had to speak to bob, he was able to change the way we look at their products, but the cogs in particular.  The explanation he gave behind the material used the create  the actual cog Was very detailed. It was coated with titanium nitrate for maximum lubricacy And durability. (All this in his own words)  If you look at any normal cog  under a microscope, you will notice the bevels or lines in between the teeth from when they cnc'd the cog. That causes the chains to run rough and  make a louder sound  then normal. As you wear that down, the ride will feel smoother and smoother as you go.  With the research And development  behind the Euro Asia imports cogs.  The roughness in the finish of the cog is taken car of before the product is complete. All the way down to the tooth profile of the cog.  All of it has been designed to hug the links of a chain. Preferably a njs chains eliminating any break in period you may have with other cogs. 

Fun fact from Bob. 

Fun fact from Bob. 

In Italy. The mechanics that used to work on the bikes would reference the cogs size by the color of the cog. A little paint mark on the cog maybe some tap.  This was a better way to make it easier and faster for them to incorporate the color on each cog made.  It definitely looks amazing and serves a great purpose.   The picture about will show you the color code. 




Here I tried to get the best picture I could of the tooth profile. You don't have to look too close to see the differences.  

We are glad to be spinning around the same town and surrounding neighborhoods that this guy did when he was our age. We love our city North Hollywood and all the focus and dedication He displayed to us at the trade show will definitely be inspiration for us in what we are doing.     Thanks for reading.

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M.L.K Day Sale .


"If you can't fly then run, if you can't run then walk, if you can't want then crawl, but whatever you do you have to keep moving forward."

Martin Luther King JR.

Showing our respects To Martin Luther King.  On January 19th and only the 19th. We will be having  30% ALL black Items on the site. All you have to do is type in MLK in the coupon box during checkout to redeem your hook-up. 

Als Ice Bucket Challenge

  Sooo.. we have been seeing these ice bucket challenges all over the web.. had no idea exactly what it was all about..  Something about raising money for some cause. Dumping a bucket of ice over your head and posting it to social media to raise awareness..   We were on the right path but so much more behind it.  when we googled it we found this.. 





"Think The ALS Ice Bucket Challenge Is Stupid? You're Wrong."


Pedal fest Summer Session 2014 Recap.

    Another Pedal fest In the books. With the same concept as the first Pedal fest. It started of with @DJACHEHZ Spinning  some music while we finished up the registration for the checkpoint race.  A heavy race that was 34.9 Miles round trip. Most of the race stretching from The Hollywood Bowl Overlook  to the Sepulveda tunnel. Lots of climbing and even more people who didn't complete the race.  Big ups to Team Sabertooth Rider DEG for taking 2nd   and teammate Jacob for taking 1st place. Eric Martin from team .elohssa//Pure Fix   took 3rd place. 


After the riders were able to take a breather . We kicked it off with a couple of track stand competitions and foot downs cuz we know the fixie foos love it.  Brandon "BOX OF BEATS" hit stage right after with a mind blowing performance.  All he needs is a loop pad and  mic and he will entertain the crowd for hours . Creating songs we all love just by using his voice. He definitely had the attention of the crowd.   Thesis And Eric Payton followed up with an all live performance.  Back up singers, piano, drummer and guitar player.  The whole 9. Felt like we were at the house of blues for a second.

We also had special guest performance by Blockboi fame and Fixie Hendricks . of Course your Know They Killed It! 

The guys over at pbr sent over a bunch of beer for after the race.  @slvrlyt @roadrunnerbags @dirtcobain @trafik_la @blocboifame @kushtownsociety @sarahkflora @themuddyeight and @djachehz @_stickyimage were all hanging out, so it was never a dull moment. We had three Girls and three Guys take home a boat load of prizes, Including the  New Un_released Pure Fix track Duochrome Frame for the 1st place.  Hope you Guys Dont Miss the next one. See you next year.. 

1st Place @intendtooffend

2nd Place  @degunlimited

3rd Place @el_kelone94

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Leader Bikes X Vans

"San Diego based Fixed Gear Brand "LEADER BIKES" collabo with California No.1 skate brand "VANS"  ,launches on May 23. 2014 as VANS Line up 2014 S/S."

"We are so happy to announce that world leading fixed gear brand collabo with world leading skateboarding brand in japan.
Those products are available at BROTURES shops, VANS stores in Japan, ABC marts (VANS JAPAN) from May 23th. 2014."

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